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weddings / funerals

Every life is marked with some significant moments. Some of these moments are significant because of the hope and promise they hold - like a wedding. Some of these moments are significant because of the feelings of loss and vulnerability that surround them - like a funeral. 

Significant moments like weddings and funerals often compel us to connect with our faith - whether our faith is something we practice regularly, or is something we have to dust off and reimagine.


ECM's Campus Minister - Andrew Hyde - is available to help you craft a wedding ceremony or funeral service that is meaningful for your situation, and consistent with the practices of ECM's partner traditions (Anglican, Presbyterian, United).

To inquire about availability and what is involved in planning your significant occasion, email or call 519.824.4120 ext.52390.

You do not need to be affiliated with the University of Guelph to utilize the services of the ECM Campus Minister.

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