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ecm programs

Each term, ECM offers a variety of programs offerings worship opportunities, small group learning, community building, and more.

To receive details about current ECM programs, join our weekly email list, check the Event Calendar, or follow us on social media.

Here is a list of typical programs ECM offers...

Vespers Worship - A weekly, brief worship service. 

Community Dinners - Every week, we meet either in-person or virtually to share a meal together.

Reading Scripture - Opportunities to read through a book of scripture together with a small group.

Drop-in's - Weekly social visits offer a chance to visit with ECM and GCM chaplains and friends.

Queer Christian Community - Brings together LGBTQ2IA+ Christians for social and spiritual connection.

Retreats - We typically offer a Day Retreat in the Fall, and a Winter Retreat over a weekend in January.

Pilgrimage Day - Every October we do a big hike and invite people to sponsor us in support of ECM's work.

Email if you have any questions or want to explore an opportunity not listed.

on campus partnerships
ECM also provides special chaplaincy support to some specific on-campus communities.

MHKY Chapel - a bi-weekly small group offering support and learning for athletes on the Men's Hockey Team.

Campus Safety Office Support - regular support of UoG Campus Safety Office is provided through ECM, by Rev. John Borthwick.

OUTline Advisory - ECM represents the MFRT on the advisory board of this LGBTQ resource.
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