ecm programs

We're excited about the Fall 2021 Term, and making plans for some great programs. Details are still emerging, but here's a bit of what you can expect...

Campus Church - A weekly worship service that will either be online or in-person (or a combo).

Walk 'n Talk - A chance to meet up at a local park or trail to walk and visit while keeping properly distanced.

Community Dinners - Every other Wednesday at 5:30pm, we meet for an outdoor, distanced meal together.

Virtual Drop-in's - Pop into an online hang out space.

TRC Calls to Action - A chance to live out these important steps towards reconciliation, especially the calls for churches.

Queer Christian Community - Meets approx. twice per month for social and spiritual connection.

Fall Day Retreat - Sat. Sept. 25 at Crieff Hills. 

Check the Event Calendar for up to date details, or ask to be added to the ECM Email List.

Email if you have any questions or want to explore an opportunity not listed.

on campus partnerships
ECM also provides special chaplaincy support to some specific on-campus communities.

MHKY Chapel - a bi-weekly small group offering support and learning for athletes on the Men's Hockey Team.

Campus Police Support - regular support of UoG Campus Police is provided through ECM, by Rev. John Borthwick.

OUTline Advisory - ECM represents the MFRT on the advisory board of this LGBTQ resource.