ECM's story

The on-campus ministries of the Anglican, Presbyterian, and United Church at the University of Guelph became officially ecumenical, under the banner of ECM, in the mid-1980's. But the legacy of our partner traditions goes back well beyond that. Since the very first dreams for the Ontario Agricultural College, our traditions have helped shape, inform, and nurture this campus as a place of learning and whole person development. 

Among those who have shepherded this campus community are:

Rev. William F. Clarke (top left), the local Congregationalist minister who helped found OAC and served as the college's first Rector in the 1870's.

Padre William Young (top right), the Presbyterian minister who held worship services in War Memorial Hall in the years after WW2.

Rev. Ritchie McMurray (middle left), who served as Anglican Chaplain of the newly formed University of Guelph in the 1960's and 1970's.

And in more recent years... Rev. Lucy Reid (Anglican, middle right), Rev. Margot Feyerer (United, bottom left), and Rev. Marty Molengraaf (Presbyterian, bottom right).

We are so thankful for the legacy of service, dedication, vision and faith that we have inherited from these (and many other) Christian leaders - and for all the ways our partner traditions have faithfully poured into the lives of students here at the University of Guelph.