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celebrating 55 years of ecm

Ecumenical campus ministry has been a mainstay of the University of Guelph experience since 1968, when Rev. Ritchie McMurray was hired by the Anglican and United churches to be UofG's first full-time chaplain.

Lots has changed since then. But God's faithfulness, the energy and potential of UofG students, and the valued partnership between ECM and the university, remains the same.

To ensure that ECM is able to thrive on campus for another 55 years, we're asking churches (both in Guelph and beyond) and individuals (alumni, parents, etc.) to sponsor ECM's 55th year. Fill out a pledge form to make your commitment for later in 2023, or make an online donation right now. And keep an eye out for special 55th anniversary events throughout 2023.

Pledge Form

Complete the red pledge form to make a personal or church/group commitment to sponsor ECM's 55th year in 2023.


Make a donation right now, using the Canada Helps form below.

We look forward to recognizing and celebrating churches, groups and individuals at the following sponsorship levels...


Thanks for being part of ECM's 55th year of ministry at UofG!

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